Studio Legale Della Berta Associato
is an international law firm based in Milan.

The balance between experience and progress, between accurate knowledge and innovative thinking, between intuition and foresight makes us what we are. But that is not all: our commitment is to assist our clients with the utmost dedication, finding the most suitable solutions for their needs. Our customers always present us with new and demanding challenges. Whatever the problem, we are able to recommend the best solutions, quick and agile when speed is of the essence, we are able to produce a modern approach to get the job done.

Why have our customers chosen us?

Our customers appreciate our in-depth knowledge, technical excellence and the versatility of our skills. But what really binds our long-standing relationships with them is our pragmatic, clear-cut approach and always standing firm on our values. Values that allow us to earn our clients’ trust, to always do the right thing and to aim for the best results for them.

We are modern lawyers with timeless values.

Our values

Integrity. We build lasting relationships based on trust. People know they can rely on our fairness and confidentiality. Excellence. We constantly strive to offer the best service to our customers. We are responsive, professional and decisive. We believe in collaboration and teamwork, both with our customers and with our colleagues.

Administrative and public law “Simplify, concretise and realise are the key words that guide us in the solution of problems pertaining to administrative and… Asset protection “The protection of our clients’ assets and savings are objectives that we pursue with the purpose to grow their business or their daily well-being” Civil litigation “In our days handling disputes professionally and commercially is one of the essential tools to stay one step ahead of… Compensation for damages “Achieving practical solutions and results that meet our customers’ needs is our prerogative”. There are more and more situations… Corporate and commercial law “You are not running an ordinary business, so why would you want an ordinary lawyer?” The team combines expertise and… Criminal law “Empathy, decisiveness and diligence are the values that guide us in preparing the best defence strategy for our clients” Environmental protection The growing concern for the environment has led to enormous responsibilities for all parties, especially companies. Family law “Our distinctive human approach combined with our relentless pursuit of the best strategy often proves decisive in successfully dealing with… Food Law and Medical Devices Whether you wish to start a new food production, place on the market, import or export products for human consumption… Immigration “Today mobility opens up endless possibilities: our team of experts will help you make the most of them” The fast… Labour Law “The workplace is about and affects our everyday lives, which is why we take the legal issues surrounding it to… Real estate consultancy “It is impossible to win the great wagers of life without taking risks, and the greatest wagers are those relating…