“Today mobility opens up endless possibilities: our team of experts will help you make the most of them”

The fast and easy mobility guaranteed in the globalised world is often not matched by the same flexibility when it comes to bureaucratic tasks. There are various obstacles that can stand in the way of developing your business in another country, relocating or managing your company’s staff in another location, managing the increasingly popular ‘smart working’ of foreign workers, or relocating your family if you are planning to settle in a different country or wish to obtain citizenship.

Our team, thanks also to our extensive network of contacts with qualified lawyers all over the world, will help you navigate the relevant legislation and will be able to offer you support for every issue by proposing the most suitable solution for your needs.

We are experienced in dealing with complex EU immigration issues, including contentious cases. We can provide wide-ranging multidisciplinary advice: tax, real estate, business, employment and family and any other aspect that will allow our clients to move to Europe as comfortably as possible.

When advising on immigration applications, we take a forward-looking view, helping from the outset to plan the next steps towards obtaining a permanent residence permit and/or citizenship.

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