Immigration advice for private individuals

Immigration advice for private individuals

For our private clients, we provide a dedicated service to support investors, entrepreneurs, technology start-ups and families who wish to either move to Europe or simply reside there for long periods, advising on the best solution and providing a high-level service to help our clients obtain permanent residency and citizenship.

Whether investing in a start-up or in the real estate market, we effectively find tailor-made solutions, like a tailor-made product.

Thanks to our international network, we are also able to solve most citizenship-related problems by providing solid solutions.

We collaborate with a European firm through which we can guarantee exceptional timeframes (even only a few weeks) to help our clients to obtain residence permits that allow them to immediately start a new and profitable life in Europe thanks to two immigration programmes in which we are able to provide comprehensive and professional assistance:

a) Property Investment Buying a property in some European countries enable the buyer and his family members to apply for residence permit for a duration of two years, renewable, with a subsequent duration of three years at the end of which a permanent permit valid for all European Union countries can be obtained (Schengen permit).

b) Investing in companies By investing in companies in some European countries, it is possible to obtain a residence permit for both the applicant and his or her family for a period of two years, renewable, and thereafter a permanent permit valid for all European Union countries (Schengen permit).

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